OpusZoom® Magnifier - Demonstrations

These demos show some of the OpusZoom® Magnifier capabilities. For demos of other features, send an inquiry via the Contact Us page.

Enterprise Edition Demos
Enterprise Edition - High-resolution photo (11 megapixels)
Enterprise Edition - Medical presentation (This is an actual online course on OpusMedicus.com.)
Enterprise Edition - Capability to change images within a running magnifier
Elite Edition Demos
Elite Edition - USGS Topographic Map of Seattle (236 megapixels)
(Base image is an aerial photo; map features are added in the virtual lens.)
Elite Edition - USGS Aerial Photo of Seattle (78 megapixels)
Elite Edition - NASA Blue Marble (467 megapixels)
Elite Edition - Digital Pathology Whole Slide Scan (1.2 gigapixels)

Configuration Parameters

A comprehensive set of configuration parameters enables web developers to control the performance and the look and feel of the magnifier. For performance, the Enterprise and Elite Editions provide methods to optimize response time and client, server, and network load. The Elite Edition includes additional methods for responsively viewing ultra-high resolution images (gigapixel and higher) over the Internet. Responsive viewing of ultra-high resolution images can be realized even on devices as small as a smart phone. Parameters to control the look and feel include:

The configuration parameters are thoroughly explained in the Web Develop's Guide and Application Programming Interface Specification. To facilitate implementation on your website, reasonable defaults are provided for most of the configuration parameters.

You may try various configurations for the Enterprise Edition by downloading the Free Trial software and magnifier documentation.